The University of Arkansas Rome Center offers a multi-disciplinary learning environment. Several partner universities collaborate with the Rome Center. Programs offered include Art, Art History, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Humanities, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and the Italian language.

Regional field trips are offered as part of the curriculum (see section: Tours and Sites Visits). These destinations meet specific course agendas and academic requirements. Optional field trips led by UARC faculty in Italy are offered as well.

Lectures and events are regularly organized, exposing students to local academic and cultural environments. Workshops in architecture and fashion are organized with Italian, European and US academic institutions in order to encourage cultural exchange and exposure to diversity. Hands-on didactic experiences such as visits to restoration sites, community outreach, and students' shows and exhibitions are also offered.

The University of Arkansas Rome Center operates during the regular fall and spring semesters of each academic year and hosts summer programs from May until the end of July.