Parcels, Mail and Money

How do I access money?

There are Bancomat (ATM) cashpoints in almost every bank. You can withdraw automatically from 10 to 350 euro a day, subject to a monthly credit limit depending on the cardholder’s facility. All credit cards Visa/Mastercard, Maestro, or American Express can be used to withdraw cash, and a small charge is levied for each withdrawal. It depends on your bank in the United States and the bank you use to withdraw money in Rome.

Alternatively, you could change money at an Italian bank or money exchange offices at a cost. Money exchange points tend to charge a high commission. We advise our students to have a credit card with them and this way money can be transferred from the United States upon their request.

For access to money in the case of an emergency, we suggest that family and friends back in the States do a money wire through Western Union which has offices here in Rome. Students can access the money through a nine-digit code and use their passport as I.D.

Receiving Packages in Rome?

Students must have packages sent to the Rome Center’s address. Below is the full address:

  • Student’s name
  • University of Arkansas Rome Center
  • Palazzo Taverna - Via di Monte Giordano, 36 - 00186 Roma

Packages sent to a student’s apartment will not make it!

Packages arriving from outside the EU will go through customs in Milan. Packages can either:

  1. Be stopped in Milan for testing (Usually dried foods)
  2. Be stopped due to a lack of information
  3. Be denied entry
  4. Be levied a Tax (33% of the stated value of the item)
  5. Go through customs without any problems

If any of the first three incidents occur, the student will be notified about what to expect, which could be anything from a request for more information to a need to pay €40 for a test to be run on the package prior to it being released. The Rome Center will assist the students with whatever request comes from the customs department.

If a tax is levied on the package, we will not know until it arrives at the Rome Center. Any fees under 100€ will be automatically paid by the Center, students will need to reimburse this cost in order to receive their package. Packages with fees totaling over €100 will be sent back to the shipping company and the student will be asked if they are willing to pay the tax. Students can refuse to pay the customs tax, in which case the item will be sent back to the sender where applicable.

Do not send medication through the post as it will not be admitted through customs. If you need to send medication, please contact MedinAction and they will explain how, and if, you can have access to your medication here in Rome.

UARC occupies two spaces within a historic palazzo which is closed to the public; there is a 24/7 concierge who receives packages throughout the week and passes them on to the Rome Center Administration. Students will be notified of packages arriving by the student life office.

How do I send parcels to the States?

There are about three post offices, located not far from the Rome Center, from which you can send packages and letters. The Italian postal service works well; however, we advise against sending food and drink as that becomes complicated due to restrictions on entry into the US. You can send things abroad at reasonable prices too. To check opening hours for post offices, click on the following website:

Alternatively, you could use the services of Fed-EX, UPS,SDA, or DHL where packages can be taken directly from the center, but naturally the cost of shipping or airfreight is higher.